Mimaki JFX2002016-04-07_192945778_A3713_iOS copy


The latest addition to our equipment family is our Mimaki JFX200-2513, a UV LED flatbed wide format printer that can print on virtually any substrate (even wood, stone and tile) up to two inches thick and up to 4×8 feet. We use it for all kinds of signs and POP and interior display work. The photographic printing quality is unparalleled. In addition to CMYK and white, the Mimaki has clear ink for adding a full or partial gloss coat (spot varnishing). Unlike many wide-format printers, the Mimaki is designed to be kind to the environment, using long-lived LED-UV curing lamps with low heat output and operating with very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and very little odor.


2016-04-07_192824975_FFA50_iOS copyRoland SolJet Pro III XC-540

One of our two roll printers, our Roland is the ultimate high-volume production tool for stunning indoor and outdoor banners, signs, vehicles, decals, POP displays and more.

The Roland’s 1440×1440 dpi resolution and integrated print/cut technology combine for outstanding image quality and precision contour cutting.